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• 12/23/2014

Roleplaying rules?

I know it's a bit of an off-topic conversation, but I feel as though I should discuss the rules about RPing before laying them down. Any help? Here's what I got;


1. No godmodding. For the experienced RPer, godmodding is a familiar and dastardly concept. For the uninitiated, it probably sounds like a religious plug-in. Godmodding is when your character basically enters god-mode, where they force other characters into submission with no IC background.

IAmAnnoyed (talk) 22:14, December 23, 2014 (UTC)

Example: "Jill Doe stabs Jane Doe, instantly killing her." Ignore the poor description, the thing I'm shedding light upon is the fact Jill Doe forced Jane Doe to be stabbed, and forced her to die. I know this sounds like a "no-shit" ideal in real life, but role-playing is a bit different from real life. Jill Doe isn't allowing Jane Doe any kind of resistance or action before-hand, thus "leaping" forward several steps. This is not acceptable.

The appropriate thing to say would be "Jill Doe swings her knife towards Jane Doe's throat, aiming for a bloody end". The RPer controlling Jill Doe is allowing the RPer controlling Jane Doe to react. The only exception to this rule is when the RPer controlling Jill Doe is the same as the RPer controlling Jane Doe, Jane Doe was in a very weakened state (such as in a coma), Jill Doe is essentially far more powerful than Jane Doe, or the RPer controlling Jane Doe gave permission to the RPer controlling Jill Doe to kill off Jane Doe. The description level is still unacceptable, how-ever.


2. No metagaming. Metagaming can be considered as godmodding, but it deserves the singular attention. Metagaming is when someone uses OOC information and applies it to the IC world. This gives the metagamer an unfair advantage over the other, fair players.


Example: "Jack Doe places a mine upon the shifting sands of the desert ground, being sure to cleverly hide the mine by placing a small mound of sand on it, covering the mine." "Jane Doe rushes towards Jack Doe, easily avoiding the hidden mine". This is unacceptable save for a select few scenarios.

One is if the mine was placed on a huge patch of open ground, which then it'd be easy to avoid it. Another would be if Jane Doe seen Jack Doe plant the mine, which then she'd know exactly where it was. The last scenario would be if Jane Doe had some power, such as X-Ray vision, mind reading or the ability to see into the future/past. However, if Jane Doe is a regular person who had no idea the mine was planted and the mine was planted either near a point of interest or a small hall, Jane Doe should be either dead or gravely injured. Even if the RPer controlling Jack Doe also controlled Jane Doe, the mine and the fact the mine was hidden is a property of the role-play's universe, which means Jane Doe has power over the role-play's universe itself.


3. No terrible grammar/punctuation/spelling/description/text-speak. This means using "ur" instead of "you're" is unacceptable. Using "your" instead of "you're" is acceptable for the first few times, but over time it becomes progressively annoying so please try to keep it at a low. Also, "jane doe loves jck do she wnts 2 mke luv 2 him she wots 2 hav his bbies". This is the embodiment of the fallacies this rule entitles. If English is not your native language, that is a reasonable excuse although if one offers to help you with your English, it is highly preferred you accept the help.

Key Words

1. IC = In Character (when speaking in the role-play universe, role-playing one of your characters.)

2. OOC = Out Of Character (when speaking out of the role-play universe. It's preferable if you spoke in parenthesis or brackets when speaking OOC.)

3. Godmodding = Over-powering your own character

4. Metagaming = Applying OOC information to the IC universe


Anybody willing to add on?

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• 12/24/2014
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• 2/4/2018
Going to keep this here for future reference, needs refinement.
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